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Here's what we have on special now!


Crown Royal 1.14L - $39.88
Wiser's Deluxe 750ml - $25.39
Pink Whitney Vodka - $24.42
     Ryan's Irish Cream - $18.70

(All Below Gov't Store)



An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools.– Ernest Hemingway

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Cooler Special's

 Palm Bay  Rainbow Twist 6pk - $12.17
Palm Bay Strawberry Pineapple 6pk - $12.17
Palm Bay Sun Pack Mixer 12pk - $22.62
Margarita, Strawberry, & Pina Colada 4pks -all- $12.87
 (All Below Gov't Store)


"A cold drink is the answer to most problems." — A wise Person

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Wine Specials

Pink Poodle Rosé 750ml - $9.49
Alomos Cab Sauv 750ml - $9.34
Copper Moon Malbec 750ml - $9.95
Open Smooth Red 750ml - $12.49 
Open Smooth White 750ml - $12.49

JacksonTriggsSauv Blanc 4L - $38.99
   Jackson Triggs Merlot 4L - $38.99
(All Below Gov't Store)

 Groucho Marx..............“I shall drink no wine before it’s time! ---OK, it’s time.”

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of this month's Wine


Beer Special's


Stanley Park Electro 6pk Cans - $12.71
Stanley Park Sun Setter 6pk Can - $12.71
Miller Genuine Draft 12pk Btl - $22.88
Budweiser 24pk Can - $40.99
Molson Canadian 24pk Can - $36.98 

(All Below Gov't Store Price)

“Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer.” ---Arnold Schwarzenegger

Enjoy &
Be Safe!!



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